Arizona State University

I found that there is a university that has a complete online program for computer science, with a track for software engineering. There are many universities that have an online track but they are mostly for profit private universities, like University Of Pheonix, and DeVry. I have been turned off by these universities because they prey on lower income populations, keeping tuitions high, and the degrees they offer seem to be second rate compared to other universities. For example, when I look at other for profit, private universities and their computer science tracks, I find that the highest mathematics is Calculus I. This could be pragmatic, but with the price tag for these educations, there should be an expectation to match the education with the expense.

Arizona State University, so far, has been a wonderful experience. The online orientation is first rate. There is a week of personality assessments and tools to help the students approach a solid plan to studying online. After completing the personality assessments, I was blown away. I learned more about myself than I have ever before, and I have tools to approach my learning style. I found that I am a global thinker more than a local thinker. I think of concepts before the details about the concepts. Some persons need all the details to understand a concept, and I would rather understand the concept first before knowing all the details. For me this particular personality trait resonated. I believe this will help me and my learning process. Recently, I came across a video that also spoke about mathematics, sex, and, thinking. I thought it was relevant:

The orientation set my expectations high of Arizona State University, and I cannot wait to start the semester this month! Only 19 days left, and I will continue towards finishing my bachelor's degree. It has been a long time coming, but I am glad that I will be able to juggle work, family life, and school.