The Book Of Mormon

Once I heard about the touring broadway musical, "The Book Of Mormon," I purchased tickets. I bought tickets and watched the show this past Sunday, May 31st, at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco with my brother-in-law. This was the funniest musical I have ever seen, and I have seen other comedy musicals, like "Shear Madness." If you have never heard of this musical, it was written by the creators of South Park: Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show is not for the easily offended, however, it was not offensive. This show was satire, and this is the expectation. I do not think most religious persons, of any faith, would find this production only out to offend. The information and story told, did not deviate from facts about the religion of mormonism and the mormon characters were casted as very endearing. The songs were beautifully written and performed by a wonderful cast in SF. This musical won nine Tony awards in 2011 as well as a Grammy. Here are two videos to check out if you have not seen the show. The first is "I believe": 

The second is the first number of the performance, "Hello":